OSCOM hosts several Open Source projects.

Kupu –
Kupu is a ‘document-centric’ open source client-side XHTML editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer. Inspired by Maik Jablonski’s Epoz editor, it was originally written by Paul Everitt, Guido Wesdorp and Philipp von Weitershausen.

BXE is a browser-based validating WYSIWYG XML Editor – and that changes everything! BXE validates your XML content against a RELAX NG schema and uses CSS to style your XML. BXE was originally written by Christian Stocker.

Why so many editors? When should i use Kupu, when BXE? There is currently no editor that supports both Mozilla and Internet Explorer and can handle both XHTML and arbitrary XML schemas. The table below gives an overview.

XHTML XML (arbitrary)
Mozilla BXE, Kupu BXE
IE Kupu Xopus

SlideML is a XML based Markup Language for making slide presentations, and is the common OSCOM presentation format being worked on by people from many different CMS projects. SlideML can be easily translated via XSLT to some of the other formats like Docbook slides, Axkit Slideshow, Rasmus PHP XML Slides as well as directly to SVG or styled with CSS. Links to SlideML presentations for OSCOM 3.

XML to describe content management frameworks, systems and editors. The project will develop a comprehensive feature list for CMS, a controlled vocabulary to describe these features, and appropriate names for each in the XML Markup. Features will be grouped in three broad areas (content creation, management proper, and delivery), plus overview information (name, company, website, technology, license, etc.). This project is now a joint effort between OSCOM, the University of Washington iSchool CMS Evaluation Lab, and CMS Review.

Twingle is a tool for content authors to work with networked information. The project is focused on improving three parts of the content management experience: Locating, Creating, and Collaborating. Each of these will be simpler, faster, and more powerful for average people that work with WCM (web content management) systems.

The goal is to come up with good XSLT to convert Word 2003 into a CMS-neutral XML.