Simple comments for Midgard sites

we have made a simple comments script for the OSCOM site to be compatible with the NemeinNavBar URL-to-content matching system.

The script is available under LGPL here:

Using OSCOMdiscussion

  • Install the package using repligard:
    repligard -i OSCOMdiscussion2.xml.gz
  • Create a “discussion topic”, for example a rootlevel topic named OSCOMdiscussion
  • Create a “guest user” that has write permissions to the discussion topic
    • Add the guest user to a group
    • Mark the group as the owner of the discussion topic
  • Set three parameters to the discussion topic:
    • OSCOMdiscussion, email_comments, user@domain.com
      for email address where new comments should be sent
    • OSCOMdiscussion, guest_user, guest
      for the username of guest user
    • OSCOMdiscussion, guest_pass, password
      for the password of guest user
  • Then create articles under the discussion topic. These are the “discussions”. Note the GUIDs of those articles
  • Edit those topics or articles on your site where you want to include a discussion and add the following parameter:
    OSCOMdiscussion, GUID, b87b90adc2e1357eaeadfb6e81536af7
    pointing to GUID of one of the discussion articles created under the discussion topic
  • Finally, edit your site, and add the following to end of your article/topic viewing page (typically the active root page):
  • Edit the code-init element for that same page and add:

Note! OSCOMdiscussion expects that topics and articles are instanced as $article and $topic on your site, like for example NemeinNavBar does it.