Tech logistics

Decisions made May 14, 2003

from Harvard Media Services

5 wired microphones for Ames Courtroom Wednesday, setup as needed.
1 wired microphone for Ames Courtroom Thursday-Friday, setup as needed.
1 projection stand for Ames Courtroom (3 days), setup if required (we can do this).

from Bob Doyle

4 LCD projectors Wednesday morning.
3 all other times.

Compressed audio recorders (I must improvise here, we may need to make some conventional recordings and compress later). I have one Archos Jukebox (and could buy another). Suggestions for other support welcome

from Hal Roberts (or Bob Doyle)

Ethernet hubs and cables. Tutorial coaches to confirm – server plus 5 laptops, right?

from Student Volunteers

monitor the audio recordings
operate the camcorders.

Media Services: all costs per day:

Microphones: wired, $15; wireless, $100
Compressed Audio Recording: $125
LCD/Data Projector: $175
Labor (setup): $20

Mini-DV cameras are $150/day.
We can have things encoded for $50 apiece. (unlimited hours?)
Wendy thinks they will require us to hire their people to do the recording, which is $35/hour.

Media Services required?

Will Media Services allow OSCOM to bring some of our own equipment to save OSCOM considerable expenses.

Things Bob Doyle can loan

  • up to three data projectors. (Will need help securing them each night)
  • Two digital camcorders, and Martin Langhoff is bringing one. We have not heard from Martin that he would leave it in the care of a student camera operator each day.
  • Video tape. Using a separate 1-hour tape for each 45-minute presentation, we would need about 3-dozen tapes.
  • A portable hard disk recording system that records directly to MP3 format on a 20GB hard disk. Considering the $125/day plus setup, plus recording operator, he would consider getting two more of these systems, so we could record in three places simultaneously.
  • Ethernet hubs and cables for small LANs.

Depending on the OSCOM and Harvard budgets (and Berkman networking spares), you can still get some of these things from Harvard (probably higher reliability).

Computers/Networks required:

1) a cable from the tutorial server to a hub in the general seats area, with 5/10 cables to feed the 5 teams in each room. Is there one laptop per team or two?

Total requirements, 3 6/12-port hubs, 18/33 cables, three extra long?

Rooms 100, 101, 107, and 200 in Pound Hall have no data jacks at the desks, and no permanently installed data projectors. There are dual Ethernet jacks at the front of the room. The rooms have electric-powered projection screens.

Each of the Pound Hall (breakout) rooms could be set up with an Ethernet hub to provide a LAN for the tutorial servers and the 5 teams. If each 2-person team is working at just one laptop, then a 6-port hub (8 is more common) would suffice. Six Ethernet cables will also be needed.

The Ames Courtroom has data jacks at all the desks, but no data projector. If we were to bring our own projector to this room, we would need a six-foot tall projection stand.