About Twingle

Twingle is a tool for content authors to work with networked information. The project is focused on improving three parts of the content management experience: Locating, Creating, and Collaborating. Each of these will be simpler, faster, and more powerful for average people that work with WCM (web content management) systems.

The client is written in Mozilla and uses standard HTTP methods for communicating with OSCOM content management systems.
A Twingle overview is available Twingle_for_Developers.

Twingle can already edit, save and delete this page.

Mailing Lists

  • twingle-dev is for design and development of the software
  • twingle-commits is for receiving CVS commit messages


None, because we are still in quiet mode. We’re working on it at the OSCOM sprint in Zurich, Mar 2003. This is derived from an existing project for Zope, so it isn’t exactly virgin territory.

Goal and Philosophy

The goal of Twingle is simple: significantly improve the experience normal people have when working with our CMS products in OSCOM. LCC (locate, create, collaborate) shouldn’t be so painful.

The philosophy that guides this:

  • This is OSCOM, so one for all and all for one.
  • Inventing new standards is a sign of weakness.
  • This will fit the brain of normal people, meaning the 99.99% of the world that don’t write content management systems.
  • Be smart, but not too smart.